CNC Sewer

  • Maintainer: yomin
  • Date: 2013-11-03
  • Status: ongoing

The CNC Sewer will combine a sewing machine with our cnc milling machine. The result will be a sticking like operation.


  • buy sewing machine
  • repair sewing machine
  • concept whether and how to move fabric or machine
  • get missing parts
    • embroidery frame
  • build
    • cnc machine mounting
    • embroidery frame to mounting
    • get motor working
  • concept to program machine
  • manual


  • sewing machine fix, embroidery frame moves
  • limited to ~15cm diameter embroideries
  • sync of cnc and sewing machine
    • hand wheel triggered limit switch
    • mach3 knows whether needle down or up
    • conditional gcode waiting for needle up
  • creating gcode
    • knitting machine software with Melco exp format (eg. embroider for inkscape)
    • own tool exp2gco, converts exp code, adds conditional limit switch code


sewing machine repair concept sewing machine to cnc machine hand wheel triggered limit switch secret limit switch input embroidery frame mounting mounting with installed embroidery frame

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